2020 Season Updates!

As we all learn new ways to navigate our world and our community in a COVID19 aware environment, please visit us here for updates to the Durango Farmers Market.

We have opened our season with new Market Guidelines on the left.

Changes we are making to our market:

  • All Market Vendors, Staff and Volunteers will wear face coverings
  • All Customers are required to wear face coverings as of May 22 per City Order 2020-08.  This will remain in effect until further notice
  • The Market will have four entrances/exits at the south end
  • We will have handwashing stations or hand sanitizer available at each entrance - please use it!
  • Live music has been canceled for the season
  • We will not have benches available inside the market area
  • All Ready to Eat food and beverages (i.e. coffee, breakfast burritios) will be served in to-go containers
  • Vendors will decide whether to serve customers or let customers choose products themselves
  • 6 foot guide marks will show you where to form lines at vendor booths
  • Vendors and market staff will clean high touch items frequently
  • There will be NO SAMPLING of food products at the market
  • We will slowly add in other vendors keeping our spacing in mind, but we will TAKE IT SLOW!

The Market will be funtioning as a "food chain supplier" or basically, a local out-door grocery store!  We will not be focusing on the "community gathering place" environment we normally provide until it is safe to do so.  We are currently working with City and Health Department staff to remain up to date on all State and local guidelines.

How you can help: Establish relationships with our vendors.  Create your connections to be able to preorder or prepurchase your food.  Be prepared to use our market as your PICK UP location.

Please visit our Local Food All Year page to find all of our farmers and ranchers participating in our market this year.  They all have an email link that will allow you to contact them directly.  Many also have links to web sites or other social media platforms to keep you updated on their farms/ranches and product availability.

YOU CAN STILL BUY LOCAL ARTISAN GOODS!  Visit our Local Products All Year page to find links to all of our other fabulous market vendors - from value added products like mustards and cider, to prepared foods, to artisan vendors that make soap, clothing, pottery, jewelry and much more!

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We will miss your hugs, your visits and your smiles (that will be behind face coverings)!  Know that we are still here to provide good, healthy, fresh local food to keep you strong this summer as we all get through this together!

Customers, Please Follow:

What WON'T change at our Market:

Our commitment to serving our community with fresh, local food!

Our love of what we do!

The enjoyment we have when we see you back at our market!